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MIRYCL Nutrition is the name Colin created for his nutrition coaching business.

Pronounced "Miracle" MIRYCL is

Managing Insulin Resistance bY Changing Lifestyle. 


Colin believes the positive results of managing insulin resistance are a "miracle" and  can lead to weight loss, better sleep, reduced anxiety with much more energy and control over hunger and cravings.

MIRYCL is a subject that everyone should know about and could be the miracle YOU are seeking for improved health!

The Nutrition Network Training describes, how in 1977 Government Guidelines recommended reducing saturated fat consumption and replacing it with low fat foods and the majority of food should contain whole grain carbohydrates like bread, pasta and rice.

Twenty years on from these recommendations, the levels of obesity, diabetes and chronic disease took off and have been rising ever since.  Consuming high levels of carbohydrates for decades leads to a condition called ‘Insulin Resistance’.  Insulin Resistance is thought to be the root cause of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, alzheimer’s, arthritis.....etc

The latest research currently estimates that in America 93% of the adult population has some degree of insulin resistance.  The percentage in Europe and the UK won’t be far behind.  

There are a number of slides describing the condition of insulin resistance and find out if you may have the condition by joining the MIRYCL Facebook Group.  Colin would like to chat to and possibly coach anyone who is interested in learning about Insulin Resistance.   To make initial contact with Colin join his Facebook Group 

Colin's training with the Nutrition Network continues and at the moment he is learning about Type 2 Diabetes Reversal.    Remission may be achieved by nutrition lifestyle changes such as adopting a low carbohydrate diet whilst working with your doctor and adjusting medication.

Colin McAlpine- Trained Advisor in Low Carb Natural Food

By the Nutrition Network 

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