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I previously worked as a mechanical building design engineer / project manager in Edinburgh from 1988 to 2022.  I have a degree in Energy Engineering from Napier University.

In March of 2022 the “radical plan” was created.   Seonaid, Robert and I moved into to Boisdale at Uigshadder on The Isle of Skye at the end of August 2022.  I am now our sons main carer.   Robert has non verbal autism and a learning disability and needs caring for 24/7.


I have embraced this role of caring for Robert and while it can be tricky at times, it is extremely satisfying watching him develop and integrating into the community on Skye.

I have played golf at the Musselburgh Golf Club  since I was a teenager and my current handicap is 5.  I’m now a member of the Isle of Skye Golf Club but haven’t managed to play regularly yet!  You may see me out walking with Robert or in the garden practising my swing!  You will see from my photo I am a Jambo.

Whilst caring for my son, I knew I also had to keep myself occupied and needed a focus to keep my brain fit.  I had been interested in health and nutrition, reading and self learning about this subject for quite some time. 

After moving to Skye I decided to enrol in Advisor Training on the Low Carbohydrate diet which was taught by the Nutrition Network   The lectures were provided by the esteemed

Professor Tim Noake’s.

The name for my future coaching business – MIRYCL Nutrition

This stands for Management of Insulin Resistance bY Changing Lifestlye and is pronounced "miracle".  The positive results of managing insulin resistance is easily described as a miracle which may lead to weight loss, better sleep, reduced anxiety with much more energy and control over hunger and cravings.

It’s a subject that everyone should know about and the MIRYCL you were seeking to give you good health!

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