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Nutrition Sheet No3  
The effects of changing diet on an Athlete


The following information is taken from the Nutrition Network Advisor Training. The information is based on scientific studies which are fully referenced. This Nutrition sheet is for information only and is not medical advice. Please consult with your doctor if changing diet. March 2024


The following story is taken from the Nutrition Network Advisor Training notes. This is a picture of Simon running a series of marathons in 2012. He actually ran NINE marathons in NINE weeks. He thought this would tune up his body and take him to a new level of fitness. His diet at this time was high in carbs like bread, pasta rice, grains etc. The outcome - he actually gained 3kgs in weight and his fitness levels never improved. He became demoralised and eventually approached the Nutrition Network for advice. He was advised to cut out sugar and eat a diet high in natural unprocessed food.

He had been taught that a diet which consisted of meat, eggs and cheese would be bad for him. Simon was open minded and decided to give it a try - but for 100 days only!

This is a picture of Simon running

in 2012 when his diet was high in carbohydrates.

He finished 7668

1 Run.JPG

The photo below shows Simon a year later in 2013. He had adopted a low carbohydrate natural food lifestyle. He finished the same marathon 3 hours faster in position 208!


The take home message from this


You do not exercise to control your weight

You control your weight to exercise

Colin McAlpine- Trained Advisor in Low Carb Natural Food

By the Nutrition Network 

The information within the nutrition sheets is not medical advice

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